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Richard Loutfi


Have you ever felt that no one in this world truly cares? Have you ever felt that no one ever listens? Have you been talking about your personal issues to all your loved ones, friends, or coworkers? Well, it may be time that you speak to a professional about any concerns or doubts you may be experiencing in life. My name is Richard, and I am in my last semester in my Advanced Graduate Certification in Mental Health Counseling at the University at Buffalo. I also received a Master’s Degree in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling from Hunter College, City of New York. I’m also a veteran, a current service member in the NY Air National Guard, fully qualified as a mental health technician. 

I have experience in the addiction field with a focus on person-centered care for individuals who live with substance use conditions and chemical dependency. I have advocated for my clients to improve their quality of life concerns through integrated services and appropriate referrals to treatment. 

In session, we will build a therapeutic relationship to meet your goals and needs. We will work together to meet you exactly where you are. I let my clients sit in the driver’s seat and take me on their life journeys in which we identify, explore, process and adapt to emotional and cognitive changes to daily functioning. We will create strategies that are evidenced-based practices to help you cope with stressors and life events. We may also explore traumatic experiences from past to present, and we will ensure a safe place to express those feelings and thoughts. We will build a self-care plan to ensure you put yourself first before anyone else, as your health should be your top priority. We may work on learning to prioritize daily tasks and goal setting. 

My therapeutic approach is in acceptance and commitment therapy, and person-centered therapy with a holistic approach. I focus on the individual as a whole and get to know you as a person. I utilize mindfulness interventions and motivational interviewing skills to help you reframe your thinking and build trust in communication. I hope to create a safe space for each and every individual so that they may feel empowered and free to express their thoughts and emotions in so many different ways. I hope for my clients to understand that changes happen over time and with hard dedicated work, they will notice their own changes in their path along their journeys. 

My focus areas include substance use disorders, depression, anxiety, ptsd, trauma, LBTQIA, identity and transitions, marital issues, family and relationship dynamics. I hope to start my own mental health practice along with being a Substance Abuse Professional qualified with the U.S. Department of Transportation to evaluate drivers and pilots who have violated drug and alcohol regulations and provide clinical recommendations. I hope to reach out to all individuals who experience all kinds of trauma at any point in their lives. You are never alone! Help is always available!