We've struggled with pricey therapy sessions.

So we created seriously
affordable mental health care.


At Sol Health, our goal is to improve accessibility to therapy within higher education. By connecting college students to graduate therapist interns, wedemocratize access to therapyandcreate an optimal training environment for the next generation of therapists.


College students across the US struggle to access mental health care. School counseling clinics are often understaffed and under-resourced. External therapy solutions are either too expensive or come with extensive wait times.

Graduate students in counseling programs are required to fulfill 600 hours of clinical internship. Today, 99% of counseling internship opportunities are unpaid, and it takes months of independent research to find the right supervisor.


Sol Health was founded by a group of Stanford students that have personally felt the shortcomings of today's virtual therapy solutions.

We’ve juggled through dozens of therapists, struggled against high hourly rates, and were discouraged by frequent “Sorry, I’m not taking new clients right now” voicemails.

So we made it our mission to make therapy accessible foreveryone.

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