How We Supervise our Therapists-in-training

Client safety is our #1 priority.

Our Training Philosophy

At the core of our supervision philosophy is a belief in ongoing learning, cultural sensitivity, and personalized support. We understand the diverse needs of our clients, and our supervision process reflects our dedication to maintaining a safe and inclusive space for therapeutic growth.

We recruit the highest caliber therapists-in-training, who come with 1,000+ hours of training. Then, we train them for an additional 600 hours.

What are they trained in?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
Psychodynamic Therapy
Mindfulness-based Techniques
Restorative Practices
Person-centered Therapy
Behavioral Activation

Who Are Our Supervisors?

Our supervisors are licensed psychologists, LMHCs, or LCSWs with extensive experience in practicing psychotherapy. They are recruited not only for their extensive expertise but also for their passion for guiding and nurturing the next generation of mental health professionals. One requirement is that they must have at least 3 years of clinical experience, although many of our supervisors in our network come with decades of experience. Their role is to provide hands-on mentorship to therapists-in-training, creating an environment where your journey towards mental well-being is always in capable hands.

The Science Behind Our Supervision and Training

Our supervision and training program is all grounded in science. All our therapists-in-training are always under the mentorship of one of our experienced supervisors. Here's a glimpse into how our supervision process was built in the most strategic approach with the end-goal of supporting your mental well-being.

1. Weekly 1-1 Supervision Sessions

Our therapists-in-training meet every week with their designated supervisor to monitor their progress, address any concerns, and ensure all their sessions align with their clients’ therapeutic goals. This engages with a science-backed practice of continuous learning. It ensures that your therapy experience is not only safe but also consistently meets the standards we uphold.

2. Weekly peer supervision, lectures, and workshops

We boast an in-house ongoing learning experience for our therapists-in-training. All our therapists-in-training meet every week in small groups under the lead of one of our Therapist-in-training Coordinators, where they engage in peer discussions. As well as weekly literature reviews, workshops and lectures by guest speakers, our Clinical Director, or our licensed supervisors. This fosters a diverse and collaborative learning environment with their peer therapists-in-training and ensures they are constantly developing their skills.

3. Evaluations and Oversight

Our clients’ safety is our #1 priority. Our therapists-in-training operate under a robust framework of ethical principles and safety practices, and our Clinical Team conducts regular audits to ensure compliance and quality assurance. Moreover, our supervisors conduct quarterly evaluations with their designated therapists-in-training to evaluate their progress and address areas for improvement.

4. Client Feedback and Progress

We actively seek and value client feedback. We send and track monthly progress forms to our clients to ensure that therapists-in-training are delivering effective and client-centered care. 

5. Crisis Management

For emergency situations, our therapists-in-training know the safety and emergency protocols. They are in close contact with their supervisors and will be able to address an emergency in real time if one arises.

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