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Raymond Harrington III


There are no guarantees in life. There will be times when you feel alone, defeated and unsure of yourself.  There will be moments when you are not connected to the core of your being and every action can feel like an exercise in futility. It is Ok to admit to yourself that you need to talk to someone. I seek to create a safe place, a judgment free environment, where one comes to heal, grow and reconnect with the most important parts of yourself.

Through therapy, I offer you a chance to take this journey within and develop results oriented plans of action that will have a measurable impact on your life. 

I’m currently a second year graduate student at Columbia University, school of social work with over twenty five years in various human services disciplines. I have extensive history working with individuals who have been diagnosed with PTSD, depression, who have been exposed or experienced trauma within correctional institutions or within interaction with Law enforcement and racial inequality. I look forward to working with anyone that is serious about addressing these issues. Please contact me at the information provided on the page.