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Emma Distler


Therapy is a service, and right, that should be accessible to everyone. Having the courage and discipline to learn more about yourself while becoming the person that you truly want to be is a process that is unique to you; therefore, my goal is to be a part of your journey and create a nurturing and accepting environment in order for you to grow emotionally and personally.

My goal as a therapist-in-training is to enter your world and understand your own emotions and experiences from your eyes; therefore, I encourage and emphasize vulnerability and being in the present. I will  follow your own thoughts and emotions while collaboratively exploring territory that you have yet to traverse or terrain that needs to be explored further.

I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Mental Health Counseling at Fordham University, located in New York City. I have training and experience providing counseling for those navigating concerns related to depression, anxiety, transitions (e.g. graduating, changing jobs), self-care, and relationships (i.e. partners, friends, family).