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Avery Roth-Hawthorne

Intake Coordinator, Therapist-in-training

It takes tremendous courage to seek help. Meeting with a therapist—a complete stranger—and talking about things you may never have told anyone else before, can feel intimidating at the very least. That is why I approach therapy first with the mindset of creating a sense of safety, prioritizing a holding space where your self-exploration is held sacred. While not always comfortable, therapy with me is always supportive and compassionate, as I believe that the therapeutic relationship is paramount to client growth and treatment success.

Through a client-centered lens, I relate to you with unconditional positive regard, which means I completely accept you as you are while also gently challenging you, when appropriate, in order to foster growth and change. I also supplement therapy with psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, and dialectical behavioral techniques. We will work together to help you better manage difficult emotions and maladaptive behaviors, so that you may gradually feel emotionally lighter, stronger and less burdened.

I am currently finishing my Master’s in Mental Health Counseling degree at Baruch College. I have experience providing counseling for those seeking help with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, loss, stress and shame, as well as issues of self-esteem, identity, career and life transitions.