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Alex Harnos


Life can be difficult and so can college. Talking about it is a great way to help make things go smoother. I’m here to help you talk and connect in a way that makes it easy to do so. We can discuss anything you want from the past, present or future and find ways together to better understand the challenges that you face today.

 I am here to let you know that you can tell me anything and you are not alone. Creating a safe space to have good conversations about your life is what I do best. Sometimes it's hard to talk about things that give us anxiety or depression but the best medicine is talking. Just being truly understood is sometimes all we need to move forward in a positive way.

I am currently a Mental Health Counseling intern receiving a Masters from the College of Saint Rose. I am trained in psychodynamic therapy and have also learned so much from other classically trained therapists in my life. I want to impart some of these great gifts of mental health to you.