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Taylor Ene


Are you struggling with stress or anxiety? Do you find that some days present struggles that seem insurmountable? If so, you are not alone. Hi, I’m Taylor, and I am a Mental Health Counseling Intern currently pursuing my Master's studies at CCNY. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, so I’m no stranger to the, for better or worse unique environment of New York.

Counseling is a healing tradition that has ancient roots: Egyptian, Hellenistic, Arabic, African, Proto-European and Indigenous cultures worldwide have understood that our mental health is a key component to overall wellness. I say this to emphasize that addressing our mental health is not a new phenomenon, but rather is enmeshed in our very construction as human beings. The very nature of being a conscious being creates a possibility for internal turmoil or stagnation, but also the opportunity for growth and self-mastery.

Together, we will explore issues of identity, the idea of choice and self-control and what we can do to navigate a world that is ever changing. Anxiety and depression may feel insurmountable, but by employing strategies that leverage the connection between our bodies and mind, we can adapt by identifying what these feelings are signaling to us and in time recognize and overcome them.

Change can be an uncomfortable, difficult, and scary process, but it is inevitable. By taking these first steps, you are making a choice to harness it in a way that serves you. I am thrilled to help guide you in this endeavor and am profoundly grateful that you have started a journey that human beings have traveled since our inception.