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Rachel Tan


Hello, I’m glad you’re here! Seeking help takes great courage, vulnerability, and trust, and I am here to listen compassionately, navigate life’s challenges with you, and help you identify and meet your goals for therapy.

As your therapist-in-training, I will cultivate a safe space that is free of judgment, brings your voice to the forefront, and fosters shared understanding. Throughout our sessions, we will work together to develop a collaborative partnership that is centered around your unique circumstances, values, and aims. We will explore your greater context to develop a holistic view of your concerns, and delve into your personalized therapeutic goals. Overall, my therapeutic approach affirms your strengths, self-worth, and self-efficacy; promotes hope, motivation, and positive well-being; and empowers you to take practical, attainable steps towards achieving growth and healing. I am eager to support you in your mental wellness journey!

I am currently a second-year student pursuing my Master of Social Work at Columbia University. Over the past few years, I have worked as a Crisis Counselor at Crisis Text Line, a Listener at 7 Cups, and a peer counselor at USC; these opportunities have given me experience working with people with depression, anxiety, life transitions, relationship issues, loneliness, stress, and burnout.