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Nadia Pimentel


Nadia uses a holistic approach integrating different psychotherapeutic approaches that may help an individual learn what works best for them. Because there are many different concerns regarding mental health for college students, flexibility in approaching their needs and goals is a topic I like to openly communicate with clients. She prefers a person-centered approach where the student may discover what works best for them in a therapeutic process which involves compassion and genuine concern for the client. She is aware that this approach may not be suitable for every client as certain individuals may need more guidance, however, she believes that having a client lead the session with what they need to say or work through helps clients meet or start working on their goals and gain confidence in themselves. 

Nadia believes that creating an uplifting session for the client is important for them to work on their concerns as they navigate life. Simply being an honest, communicative, and empathetic individual as a counselor allows for many clients to begin their growth through the therapeutic process. Meeting the needs of a large and diverse clientele is achievable with these genuine traits in practice.

Nadia received her BA from Hunter College and is currently pursuing her Masters in Mental Health Counseling from New York Institute of Technology. Nadia’s commitment to giving back to her clients extends beyond her work at Sol Health she is currently an intern at the Office of Counseling and Wellness at NYIT where she creates psychoeducational presentations and informational flyers for students on campus.