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Jennie Hassfeld


Taking care of yourself often isn’t as easy as it sounds and all too often our lives responsibilities
or simply the weight of the world get in the way and make things too heavy. Whatever you are dealing
with be that stress, anxiety, grief, depression, overwhelm, or being “stuck” you deserve support. In my
experience I have seen the value of providing a safe, non-judgmental place where we can work together
on what is weighing you down then build from there developing skills and goals that best suit you on the
road ahead.

It takes so much strength to want to make change and take that first step to get support and I
hope you feel empowered by your choice to act for yourself. An equally important part of our work is
your understanding that it is best to come just as you are and to be yourself. Throughout my work I have
had the privilege of working with many different identities and cultural backgrounds, and our time
together will be spent in a compassionate, welcoming space to break down goals, visualize next steps,
and find strength to push through whatever might be holding you back.

I received my BA in Psychology from Rutgers University and am currently a student in their MSW program. I am also a crisis counselor, helping people calm the body and mind. My training includes CBT and the family-systems approach amongst other modalities.