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Jalai Duroseau


Taking care of yourself is essential in every area, including your mental health. Being in a good place mentally can launch you into success in every area of your life. Everyone has personal struggles and could benefit from therapy in some form. Resiliency is an accurate indicator of success, and together in a safe therapeutic space, we can problem-solve, navigate, and cope with our life circumstances.

My goal is to make every therapy session yours and feel successful. I am here to support you and push you to be the best version of yourself. Using data-driven tools to help equip you to overcome any challenges life throws at you.‍

I am a Certified School Counselor pursuing my Master’s in Mental Health Counseling at the University at Buffalo. I have extensive training and experience providing counseling in settings that focus on depression, anxiety, academic stress, nutrition, life transitions, general stress management, OCD/OCPD, and more.