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Nancy Suda


Change is waiting! Have the past couple years made you question your path? It is never too late to shift gears. Whether it’s time to pick up the pace or slow down, I’ll help you figure that out. Are you exhausted just trying to exist? Why just exist when you can truly LIVE! I am here to help, and want you to know there is hope and success awaiting you. Life’s challenges and demands can overwhelm who we are or who we desire to be. 

Taking care of ourselves is usually our last priority; however, it needs to be our first. We are not truly able to help others until we help ourselves. As a therapist-in-training from Sol Health, a school counselor working in a Special Education for 30 years, a mother of five children and personally and professionally navigating through life, I get it! 

“Beyond Just Existing…Live” will be our motto. Through use of compassion, empathy, relationship building, coping skills, healthy lifestyle changes, mindfulness, changing thought patterns, and other therapeutic strategies you can be your best you. I will help guide and lead you to LIVE your best Life and not just exist. “Beyond Just Existing…Live”.

Currently, I am a graduate student In the Advanced Graduate Certificate program obtaining my MHC degree from the University of Buffalo. I also have a BS degree in Psychology, a MS degree in School Counseling and have been a Certified School Counselor for 30 years. Previously, I was the cheerleader captain for the Buffalo Bills in the NFL and a Division 1 college athlete.